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Party Boyz features two of the biggest party promoters in the business, Marc Barnes and Taz Wube as they throw what could be the biggest event of their lives-the celebration surrounding the Inauguration of Barack Obama. They've thrown successful parties at the largest events across the country, from the Super Bowl to the NBA All-Star Game to the Essence Festival, but can Washington, D.C.'s renowned party boys handle the cities biggest historic celebration? Despite facing a struggling economy, hungry competitors and a harsh winter's cold, an estimated four to seven million people traveled to the nation's capital to kick-off the new presidency and the party boys are making sure that their clubs, Love and The Park, are the primary destinations for party-goers during Inauguration Weekend. To make sure, Marc and Taz have tapped some of biggest names in music to host or perform for five consecutive nights. Anticipating a massive turnout, the guys have invested a small fortune in the planning of their parties only to learn that the media has overestimated the turnout. With this new discovery, the boys have to alter their plans to turn a profit. To make matters worse, Marc's son, Antwan, the head of security at The Park, becomes the center of conflict with customers while Taz is away preparing for his April wedding to his fiancée Arlene. Can the party boys capitalize on the financial opportunity presented by the historic weekend or will the obstacles presented by family, competitors and even the weather be too much to overcome?

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